Strongcode is ran by its founder Jason Phillips, Jason got his start in web development in 1996 when the internet was first coming out, he began learning how to code in HTML and started using the operating system Linux. He then launched several online stores and provided technical support for the Linux operating system. After that he launched a web development business in 2003 that designed and built websites and apps using oscommerce, Joomla and WordPress and even built a branded shopping cart that was a clone of oscommmerce with thousands of add-on features, at the time a predecessor to brands like Magento, Shopify, OpenCart and more. Today Jason is a software engineer who focuses on the PHP programming language and builds websites , web applications and provides web development services for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Woocommerce , Laravel and more while managing a team of graphic designers, programmers and developers.

We believe a quality web presence is what will make our customers successful.

We want you to succeed online and wish to build a long-term successful relationship providing top quality services for your online business.

A few things we believe in

  • Backup client websites before beginning any work
  • Websites must load fast and error free in popular devices and browsers and maintain usability
  • Lead and sales driven websites should convert and be built to convert at its highest
  • Security, speed and update-ability is crucial in engineering
  • Portability of data and data retention for future migrations must be considered
  • Ease of use for client and client staff is important for a enjoyable usable experience in high quality websites